Event Description:

About the Stewardship Site:
Acquired by the City of Denver in 1919, Dedisse Park sits in the heart of Evergreen and includes the Evergreen Lake House and nearby golf course. The north part of the park is home to forested foothills, picnic areas and trails connecting to Jefferson County's Alderfer-Three Sisters Park. The work site itself is above Evergreen Lake, and can be accessed via an easy, scenic walk.

About the Volunteer Experience:
Volunteers will reroute the existing Dedisse Trail, creating a sustainable route that will provide a more enjoyable and safer connection to Alderfer-Three Sisters. Work will involve basic new trail construction, along with some restoration and possible closure work. This project is perfect for volunteers of all shapes, sizes and skill levels!

About the Overall Impact:
The project will realign an existing unsustainable route and replace it with a sustainable, fun single-track trail for non-motorized users, all while reducing erosion and its negative effects on the surrounding habitat. This is part of a series of trail realignment projects that have greatly improved the trail network adjacent to Evergreen Lake.


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