Event Description:

About the Stewardship Site:
Situated in an exceptional landscape that inspired "America the Beautiful", the 1,680-acre Cheyenne Mountain State Park is nestled between grandiose mountains and the Colorado Springs skyline. In the park, you'll find 20 miles of hiking and biking trails as well as a diverse population of plants and wildlife. Deer, elk, black bears, bobcats, cougars, coyotes, hawks, eagles, red foxes, and prairie dogs are just some of the animals that reside in the park. The project site is located on the far western edge of Cheyenne Mountain State Park, on the southern face of Cheyenne Mountain.

About the Volunteer Experience:
This project is a continuation from the trail that VOC helped construct in 2016 - the goal this year is to complete the connection! Volunteers will construct roughly 2,600 feet of basic tread and install drainage features along sections as needed. Access to the work site will require a 1- to- 1.5-mile hike, along with a decent amount of elevation gain. Looking for a good workout and remote experience close to the city? This is the project or you!

About the Overall Impact:
With the influx of visitors to Cheyenne Mountain State Park, it's important to minimize disturbances to the park's ecology. Volunteers will continue the construction of a new trail, the Dixon Trail, which will allow visitors to access some of the most spectacular places in the park, while preserving habitat. This project will be a multi-year effort to establish a new sustainable trail to the top of Cheyenne Mountain. The 3-mile trail will link up to the Top of the Mountain Trail, which will continue another 3.6 miles through a meadow covered in colorful wildflowers.

All youth under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older on overnight projects.


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