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Field Science Camp – Day Camp
Ages 10-12| $275

A Field Scientists’ work is in the great outdoors. Make the mountains your laboratory this summer using advanced tools like increment borers and microscopes. Work with a licensed bird bander to trap and release live birds for a mercury toxicity study. Tour the Pueblo Nature and Raptor Center and enjoy a live bird of prey program. Investigate the Arkansas River where we will catch aquatic and terrestrial insects to compare and contrast to those at Aiken Canyon. Discover ancient fossil plants and insects to compare to current and ancient times. Learn outside and become a field scientist who can teach others about the world around them. Daily choices for small group nature classes and activities let you choose your adventure. Woods, fields and rocky crags offer boundless opportunities for learning and understanding. Team up with Catamount Institute this summer and feed your wild side in this camp just for Field Scientists!

Bird Banding Mercury Study: Catch and release live birds
Fossil dig
Insect identification with etymologists
Live birds of prey @ Pueblo Raptor Center
Arkansas River study
Student choice classes & activities

Colorado Springs
June 26-30 9:00am-4:00pm Monday – Friday


740 W Caramillo St, Colorado Springs, CO


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