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Get ready to really mean it when you say say, “There goes the neighborhood” as you pass it all by at 3 miles per hour.

Nothing beats getting some nice, thin mountain air. Actually we can name one thing. How about getting that air with a bunch of new friends and a practically professional walker named Jonathon Stalls? Sounds pretty tempting, right? This experience will take you on a relaxing, guided walking through some of Denver’s most happening areas—Baker, Washington Park and Broadway.

Throughout the 2.5-hour saunter through the streets, Jonathon will give you the lowdown on the neighborhoods’ history and rich cultural trivia…try it with your friends! You’ll learn about it all, from the famous Wash Park itself (Denver’s premier destination for runners, athletes and—bark!—dog walking) and the happening strip of eclectic Broadway shops to the historic Mayan Theater and more nightspots, galleries and cafes than you’ll know what to do with.

Oh, and you can trust you’ll get a real taste for what’s around because you’ll also be sampling goodies from the local hotspots as you go. At the end of the evening, Jonathon will send you packing with 5 miles of exercise under your belt and a new appreciation for these colorful Denver districts.

What to Bring: Don’t Forget Walking shoes or boots: You’ll be walking the streets during this 2.5-hour stroll, so come prepared. Warm layers: We’d hate for you to get chilly, so dress for the weather—light waterproof gear, a hat, a scarf and a few light layers may be best depending on the temp. Sweet 16: Due to the nature of this experience, you must be 16 years or older. That, and you need to be comfortable with the idea of walking roughly 3–5 miles in 1–2 hours. Open mind: Stuff happens when it happens, so we hope you’re game for some spontaneity. There will be plenty of breaks and there’s no rush, but you should have a general comfort level independently walking on Denver's sidewalks in the evening.


Location Details: SW Corner of Dailey Park in Baker Neighborhood Address: NE Corner of Elati St & W Archer Place Denver, CO 80223


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