Event Description:

About the Stewardship Site:
In Larimer County's Hermit Park Open Space (HPOS), Ponderosa pine forests and wetland meadows provide a beautiful, uncrowded setting for users to recreate in the Estes Valley. The park offers access to adjacent Forest Service land, offering yet more recreational opportunities.

About the Volunteer Experience:
This will be the second VOC project at Hermit Park Open Space in consecutive years, and volunteers will continue to build the new multi-use trail. The project will complete a 1 mile section of the new trail, helping connect it to trailheads, campgrounds and existing trails. The connectivity of the trail is important to provide a multi-use experience currently not available in the open space area. The trail will have a wide, natural surface that traverses mixedvconifer forests, aspen groves, rock outcroppings and open meadows. This is a first-rate volunteer trail-building experience.

About the Overall Impact:
Constructing this final segment of trail to complete the full 6.5 mile trail system within Hermit Park Open Space will create a vastly improved visitor experience. Campers will be able to access the full trail system from the campgrounds without walking along internal roads, and trail users that park at the two trailheads will be able to follow a circuit as opposed to just an out-and-back. These trails at Hermit Park Open Space will be some of the few trails in the Estes Valley that allow mountain bike access.

All youth under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older on overnight projects.


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