Event Description:

About the Stewardship Site:
Located just outside of the Victorian mining town of Georgetown, the Rutherford and Anna Mule Trails are hidden gems accessed from the historic site of Silver Dale. As the trails' namesakes would indicate, the trails follow old mining wagon and mule roads that once connected Georgetown to nearby Silver Mines.

About the Volunteer Experience:
About a third of the volunteers will focus on needed trail maintenance and reroutes on the Anna Mule Trail, constructing new trail in sections and performing moderate- to- heavy erosion control in others. The rest of the volunteers will continue work on the Rutherford Trail started by VOC in 2013 and 2015. This will include creating elevated tread structures such as boardwalk and turnpikes to carry the trail through a wetland area. The tasks on this project are moderate or difficult in nature, and worksite access requires a short and scenic hike from the trailhead.

About the Overall Impact:
This project will address sustainability issues on these well-used trails, dealing with the soggy and oftentimes muddy hillside that covers much of the Rutherford Trail; and rerouting and repairing damaged, eroded sections of the Anna Mule Trail. Once efforts are complete, the improved trails will expand recreational access in the area and make for a safer, more sustainable experience for many years to come!

All youth under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older on overnight projects.


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