Event Description:

The instructional/participation class will be from 8:00-8:50am and will focus on tai-chi qigong - Long River Boxing, The Five Elements and The Eight Silken Forms. The Yang Style Long Form FLOW will begin at 8:30am, Then staff, fan, sword and Long Form demos will continue as the Kids' and 5K runs come by (probably going until 9:45am.) Harmony with A Beat Drummers will enliven the Experience.

What to Bring: Bring yourself and your DTE - Desire to Experience! Any comfortable clothing works. Elastic or nonbinding wastebands on your pants works best.


Location Details: The Tai Chi Project will be meeting right next to the main NGOD stage (east of Ferrill Lake, west of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.) Best to bike or walk over, but if you drive and lots near the event are full. park along Montview Blvd. and cross Colorado Blvd. at the light.


There are no videos for this activity yet.

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