Event Description:

About the Stewardship Site:
Located in the heart of Eagle County, the Singletree Community sits on the northern slopes of the sunny Vail Valley, offering magnificent views of the mountains surrounding Edwards, Colorado. This project is part of an ongoing effort to remove a fence that extends across large sections of the Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District, built when the land was a privately-owned cattle ranch.

About the Volunteer Experience:
Volunteers will safely remove barbed wire fence by pulling posts from the ground and cutting and bundling wire. The project will be moderately difficult and requires hiking off-trail over uneven terrain.

About the Overall Impact:
This project will help protect wildlife, including deer and elk populations. Although deer and elk can jump fences, they can easily become injured or entangled, sometimes dying of trauma and dehydration. Animals can be hindered by deep snow or steep slopes, and young, pregnant or winter-stressed animals may have a difficult time clearing fences as they forage and migrate for food. Large, low-flying birds, especially raptors diving for prey, can collide with fences and break wings, impale themselves on barbs or tangle in wires.

What to Bring: No experience necessary. VOC will provide all tools and food.


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