Play in the dirt and learn about the world from the ground up.

Got Dirt? There is plenty to see and learn in Colorado if you are willing to get your hands dirty! Learn all about rocks and geology at local museums, go out to local parks and forest, hike a trail, and see what you can find. Be sure to leave everything as you found it and do not to disturb the natural surroundings.

Plan It!

Visit these places to learn more about geology and then get out there and start exploring!

What Creepy Crawlers live in the dirt? Find out here:

What To Bring

Anytime you go outside bring water, sunscreen, warm clothes and a friend or responsible adult. Check your local weather station. If you plan to do some exploring of the rocks, dirt, and critters that crawl, bring a map and guidebook with you maybe even a magnifying glass!

Fun Ideas

Here is a place to find fun free kids stuff for geology! http://geosurvey.state.co.us/education/Pages/KidStuff.aspx

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