Avid4 Adventure works to inspire life-long active outdoor lifestyles and environmental stewardship through experiences that provide personal development and memorable family adventures, while addressing the logistic needs of parents.

“KIDS, COME INSIDE, YOUR DINNER’S GETTING COLD!!” Twenty years ago, these words echoed across America millions of times each evening. Today, this phrase is much more seldom heard. Parents are concerned as they witness the increasingly sedentary lifestyle that kids are adopting. Mounting time in front of video games and TV, reduced PE in school and a drop in team sports participation are leading to a generation of kids that are less physically active and more overweight. Avid4 Adventure was founded to address this growing concern by delivering a spectrum of outdoor recreation non-competitive activities for kids and families that are designed to offer logistic relief for today’s busy parents.

Our programming includes school programs, summer day camps (multiple locations throughout the Front Range of COLORADO and the Bay Area, CALIFORNIA), and overnight summer camps (in Bailey, CO and Evergreen, CO).

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