Crown Mountain Park Mission Statement
“Creating a Community Legacy through Parks & Recreation”

Crown Mountain Park Vision Statement

The Crown Mountain Park and Recreation District is a living, evolving entity that respects both land and people. The purpose of the District is to create a community legacy by providing parks and recreation. The District fosters a sense of place, provides opportunities and places for community gathering, and provides diverse, equitable and safe recreation opportunities for all, through creative collaboration.


Crown Mountain Park Goals Statement

1.      Create environmentally responsible recreational opportunities for groups and individuals

2.      Develop park and recreational amenities to meet community needs

3.      Enhance open space

4.      Manage and maintain amenities, programs and lands

5.      Create ongoing opportunities for community interaction and sharing

6.      Enhance existing partnerships, and create new and productive partnerships, with existing recreational and community groups

7.      Continue, nurture and enhance existing intergovernmental partnerships

8.      Seek out new opportunities for volunteerism, cooperation and collaboration with organizations and individuals

9.      Develop productive and mutually respectful relationships between and among the District Board, staff and community

10.   Plan effectively for future and long-term activities

11.   Pursue new and alternative sources of funding and other resources

12.   Integrate programs, policies and projects with local land-use decision-making


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