FODR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in 1989.  A small group of scientists and interested citizens formed the group to preserve the fossil tracks and other fossil sites along Alameda Parkway, parts of which had been classified as a National Natural Landmark (NNL) in 1973.  The National Natural Landmark was expanded in 2011 to include Triceratops Trail and additional parts of the fossil heritage of the Dakota Hogback.  Dinosaur Ridge is a world class fossil site, ranked number one of fossil footprint sites in the United States.




Alameda Parkway was built over the Hogback in 1936-37, to allow the people in Denver access to Red Rocks Park.  In 2008, private vehicles were restricted from using the road, mostly to protect visitors who wanted to see the fossils first hand.  Only emergency vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians, tour buses, handicap vehicles, and vehicles with special permits are currently allowed on Dinosaur Ridge.  FODR started daily guided tour rides up and down the Ridge in 2008.  The exhibit hall, Trek Through Time, opened in 2008 as well.


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