Exhibitors ARE the Partners that make it National Get Outdoors Day!

Is this event right for my organization?
2018 Exhibitor Fees, Deadlines and Rentals

Is this event right for my organization?

Get Outdoors Colorado, the collaborative behind National Get Outdoors Day, envisions an event where every organization represented will be sharing activities and information to promote healthy, active outdoor lifestyles and/or connect people to the natural resources of our state.

This is NOT your typical community fair and outside of the food vendors, sales of any type are not permitted. Please consider the following guidelines before registering as an exhibitor.

Exhibits must meet the following criteria:

  • Incorporates a hands-on component – an activity, a game, props to explore, etc.
  • Only hand out information that connects people directly to the outdoors -maps, program schedules, coupons for outdoor gear, etc.
  • If exhibitor is there to market products – the items must be directly related to the items needed for outdoor activities.
  • If exhibitor is there to market services – the services must directly relate to promoting healthy, active outdoor lifestyles or teaching about the outdoors.
  • If exhibitor is there to sell food (invited food vendors only) – the City of Denver must have permits from you by May 22nd.
  • If exhibitor is there to provide food samples - contact us first before registering – there are requirements you must meet to be eligible. 

Exhibits that do not meet the above criteria will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The National Get Outdoors Day Denver planning team reserves the right to turn away any exhibit that does not fit within the scope and intention of the event.

2018 Exhibitor Fees, Deadlines and Rentals

Exhibitor fees go toward the shared cost of putting on a large-scale partnership event of this scope – trash and recycling services, restrooms, security, and logistical support are all partially covered through exhibitor fees. In order to accommodate as many organizations as possible, we keep the cost minimal and do not provide tables, chairs and tents as part of base event fees.

Exhibitor Fees 2018

Early Bird Registration - $50 if you register before March 31st
Regular Registration - $75 if you register before April 30th
Late Registration - $100 if you register before May 18th

Registration for this event closes May 18, 2018 

Rental Options through the GO Day Exhibitor Registration System:

A to Z Rental Center in Lakewood has been our provider that we have recommended for table, chair and canopy rentals for the past 10 years. If you need rental items, Get Outdoors Colorado will collect the rental fees when you register, work with A to Z to put in one large order for the event, and take care of delivery logistics. Whatever selections of tents, tables and chairs you make when you register will be at the park when you arrive to set-up. Organizations are welcome to bring their own items.

  • 10' x 10' Canopy: $60 each (Includes sand bags)
  • 6' Table - $8 each 
  • 8' Table - $10 each 
  • Table Covers: $5 (6' and 8') 
  • Chairs: $2 each 

If you do not select to rent at the time of registration, your organization is responsible for providing your own tents, tables and chairs. You can contact A to Z Rental Center directly to reserve your stuff. Let them know you are with National Get Outdoors Day 2018.