In spite of the easy access to outdoor recreational opportunities across the state, Coloradans of all ages are spending more time indoors, living a more sedentary lifestyle and are unaware of the health, physical and social benefits of spending time recreating outdoors.  Get Outdoors Colorado works to reverse these trends.

The Goal:  Create a tool to connect Coloradans to Everything Outdoors

In 2010,  former Lt. Governor’s Barbara O’Brien published the Colorado Kids Outdoors Initiative Report. This report collected information from over 600 participants across the state who participated in the Colorado Kids Outdoors forums. The participants identified streamlining communication between organizations and the public as a critical priority in combating the decrease in outdoor activity. A centralized repository, or clearinghouse, of outdoor opportunities would become a “one-stop shop” for current and potential outdoor enthusiasts and a two-way method of communication between stakeholders and the public. Individuals, families, educators, visitors, and partners will find all the information they need to take life outside.

 To accomplish this  goal a collaborative partnership formed that includes federal, state, local,  non--profit, and private outdoor providers. The coalition teamed up with Open Media Foundation (OMF) of Denver, to create this website to serve as a clearinghouse for everything outdoors in Colorado. OMF gathered thoughts and ideas, and then translated them to craft this website.

Get Outdoors Colorado: Our Brand – Our Promise

Get Outdoors Colorado partners work together to foster and facilitate educational experiences and to encourage participants of all skill levels, abilities, and backgrounds to interact with the outdoors in a way that encourages:

  • Healthy, active outdoor lifestyles
  • Conservation, awareness and respect
  • Natural resources stewardship and recreation participation

If you would like to become a partner in this effort visit Become a Partner.