Now that you have decided you want to become a partner of the Get Outdoors Colorado network – your next steps are quite easy!  

  1. Click on the “Become a Partner” button found on the Become a Partner page or your user profile page and add your information.  You can even connect the site to your Facebook account to make logging in easier.
  2. Fill out the Partner Application to become a featured organization on the website and to access the online tools that will allow you to share outdoor activities and media on the site.
  3. Once your account is created, you will be taken to the Partner Application where you can upload your organization logo, create a brief description and select the “interests” and any application focus items for how your organization engages with the outdoors. Be sure to select all applicable interests your organization participates in so it’s easy for website visitors to find you. The focus items correspond to the youth section of the site that are tied to the Colorado Kids Outdoor Bill of Rights.
  4. Your request will be submitted to the Get Outdoors Colorado Website Administrator who will make sure your organization aligns with the Get Outdoors Colorado brand and mission. Once approved, you will be sent an email notification.
  5. Be sure to add a good contact phone number and email address so the site administrator can contact you with any questions come up. This phone number will not be published for the public.

You are almost finished! 

After you receive notification that your organization has been approved, you can update your partner profile, upload activities, photos, and videos.  and post blog entries about your events and activities! If you have any questions please email

Thank you for your interest and support and have fun being a part of the Get Outdoors Colorado Network!!