Plant a seed for other Colorado kids to enjoy in the future.

When you plant a seed you are giving the community a great gift. This seed could be a flower, shrub, tree, vegetable, or fruit. Plants and trees are good for the environment because they put oxygen back into the air, provide shade, help with erosion, and make the outside green and colorful! It’s good to grow a garden in the back yard or participate in a community garden and grow your own food. There are plenty of ways to help and learn about how to grow plants and trees around your community.

Plan It!

Check out these organizations and places where you can get your hands dirty and start growing food, plants and trees! These places and organizations will help you grow a garden in your back yard or get involved in a community garden project:

What To Bring

If you are going out to a community garden or community gardening event make sure you check with the organizers on what to bring. A good bet is water, work gloves, some basic tools, sunscreen, and clothes that can get dirty!

Fun Ideas

Check out Denver’s Sustainability Park where you can participate in Community gardening in an environmentally friendly way! 

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