Visit a working farm or ranch.

Colorado was one of the original homesteading states! We have a rich history of ranching and farming. There is plenty to do, see and learn on a working ranch and farm. Learn how to grow your own food, raise animals, ride horses, and put in a hard day’s work! There are plenty of working and educational farms and ranches around Colorado to visit. Look below to see where to plan your trip to a ranch or farm near you.

Plan It!

Here is an example of a working educational farm right in Denver. You can take classes, volunteer and learn about animals and food! theurbanfarm.org

Here is a place to go to find working ranches you can visit with your whole family! travelwithkids.about.com/od/colorado/a/coloradoranches.htm

Fun Ideas

Go to a Farmer’s Market: Farmer’s markets are great places to get local fruits and veggies. They are held all over the state in many communities from late spring to early fall. Here’s a list of Denver Farmer’s Markets to get you started:

Go to a County or State Fair: Fairs are great places to see animals. Visit the 4H buildings to see rabbits, goats, horses, pigs, cows and much, much more.

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