Enjoy the view from the top of a mountain.

Mountain climbers are not born overnight. It takes years to develop the skills needed to climb a massive 14,000 ft. mountain peak. Not to worry, you can still take in views of mountain skies, valleys and ridges from the comfort of a gondola or a scenic hike in one of Colorado’s state parks and national forests. Summer or winter, it doesn’t matter, you and your family can capture some of the spectacular views Colorado has to offer year round.

Plan It!

Here are some places right here in Colorado!

  • Highline Lake State Park: Take a hike to the top of Mack Mesa and enjoy the viewpoint overlooking the lake.
  • Pikes Peak: Enjoy a scenic car ride up the 14,115ft summit and capture the beauty with your camera!
  • Mount Evans: Hop in with your family and enjoy the ride along North America’s highest paved road to the summit (14,240ft).
  • Vail Resort: Chair lift rides are available year round. It is a great way to enjoy the view of Vail Valley.
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