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Learn to identify edible urban greens with the help of Kate Armstrong, a woman who knows her way around a sidewalk-sourced buffet.

Ever thought you could fill your belly with healthy, edible plants without having to set foot in a grocery store or farmers market? Well here’s your chance to unleash that inner adventurer (and vegetarian at heart) because this experience is designed to fill your plate exclusively with what’s growing in the parks and sidewalk cracks of Denver.

You’ll not only learn to identify what’s incredibly edible, but you’ll also uncover a whole new perspective on what it takes to survive in the wild. Kate Armstrong, a.k.a. the ultimate urban forager, will guide you throughout various areas in the city in search of ground-grown ingredients. Kate’s tours are renowned for teaching city folk how to live off the land, so to speak. What you once saw as weeds, will instantly become ingredients for salads, balms, jams and more. And the takeaway? How do a bounty of urban greens and a new appreciation for Denver’s all-natural produce sound?

What to Bring: Don’t Forget Comfy shoes: You’ll be walking the streets during this 2-hour class, so come Basket or cloth bag: Gotta have somewhere to put your fresh crop. Plastic bags might rip, but a reusable shopping tote would do just fine.


2500 Lawrence St, Denver, CO
Location Details: Sustainability Park, on the south side.


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