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Camp GO (GO stands for Get Outdoors) is a free, in-school, student-led discovery fair connecting youth to the outdoors.  Camp GO brings the outdoors indoors through interactive displays and activities utilizing the expertise of community outdoor educational organizations. Designed as a half or full day event, fully supervised by teachers or recreation leaders and Camp GO staff and outdoor professionals, Camp GO can be held indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both.

Camp GO is comprised of seven stations (or “Camps”) which participants cycle through in 20-minute increments.  Student “Trail Guides” and adult advisors are trained prior to the Camp GO event to lead the activities at each “Camp,” and are provided all the tools, gear, and information they’ll need to deliver fun, interactive, educational outdoor lessons.  Camp GO is fully aligned with CDE curriculum standards, can be tied in with Science, Physical Education, Art, Music, and Social Studies units, and can easily fulfill students’ community service project and volunteer requirements.  Camp GO is also an excellent project for PTAs or offered in conjunction with schools’ Field Days. It is the springboard for National Get Outdoors Day event here in Colorado at City Park in June.

Camp GO founder and Director, Coach Stacy Fowler, M.S., C.P.T., is a passionate educator and fitness activist, wife, and mother whose mission is to promote healthy lifestyles and prevention as a cause.  A Personal Trainer, Coach Stacy owns her own fitness studio, Coach Stacy’s Healthy U, where she trains clients and writes wellness articles for the company’s blog (www.coachstacyshealthyu.com).  Stacy’s motto – “When you’re moving, you’re improving,” rings loud and clear throughout the site which features fitness tips and advice, cutting edge fitness and wellness information, healthy recipes, book, website and product reviews, and health and fitness resources.  Follow it daily for a healthier you.

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