We're so excited to join the line up for the Denver Get Outdoors Day! We'll be opening the stage for Dr. Scott and Governor Hickenlooper with a fun set of kids' nature tunes. If you want to learn the moves to our hit song, "Get Outdoors" before the big day check out our video online at: http://tinyurl.com/kkxu9pq As environmental educators and children's performers we're passionate about getting kids and families outside. Connecting with nature gives people a sense of meaning and connection to the natural world, not to mention it's fun way to get exercise. Every concert we perform is infused with stories and songs about exploring the natural world. Jeff's favorite way to spend time outside is hiking in the mountains. Paige's favorites are hula hooping, gardening, and biking. We try to bike to as many of our concerts as we can in order to spend time outside and save energy. Here I am getting ready to bike to a show last weekend (Jeff was taking the picture). We're based out of Boulder so I don't think we'll be able to bike to City Park on June 14th, but you never know! Looking forward to seeing you soon, Paige of Jeff and Paige.